There is no need to uninstall your current
ESET security solution on Windows 10

Despite what Windows Defender might suggest, removing ESET
will not make you more secure.




See how ESET provides multiple extra layers of protection.




ESET Windows Defender
Antivirus check win check win
Cloud-Powered Scanning check tick check tick
Anti-Phishing all browsers Internet Explorer, Edge
Exploit Blocker check tick blank
Advanced Memory Scanning check tick blank
Network Attack Protection check tick blank
ESET LiveGrid check tick blank
Cloud Malware Protection System check tick blank
Anti-Theft check tick blank
Device Control (USB, DVD, Bluetooth) check tick blank
Banking & Payment Protection check tick blank
Antispam check tick blank
Two-way Firewall check tick blank
Free support in local language check tick blank



Real-world detection
AV-TEST, April 2016
False alarms
AV-Comparatives, March 2016
*Lower impact score is better
Test Results in Real-world detection Test Results in False alarms
Protection accuracy
SE Labs, April-June 2016
Impact on system performance
AV-Comparatives, April 2016
*Lower impact score is better
Test Results in Protection accuracy Test Results in Impact on system performance






"Yes, it’s true that Windows 8 and Windows 10
have antivirus built right in, but in our tests and most
independent lab tests, Windows Defender hasn’t done
very well."

"ESET achieved a 100 percent malware detection rate in both test segments – real-time test and reference set..."



"ESET have continuously participated in our tests for a decade and we are happy to see ongoing commitment to product improvement."

Computer Bild, one of the biggest IT magazines in Germany, and responsible for the most important antivirus tests in that country, published its latest Internet Security Test results in February 2016. ESET Smart Security 9 beat all its competitors to be declared the overall winner.




Is my ESET solution compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary Release?

For more information about the compatibility of ESET solutions and Windows 10, please visit our Windows 10 compatibility page


What is changing with Windows 10 Anniversary Release and Windows Defender?

The latest Windows 10 update – the 'Anniversary' release - changed the way that Windows Defender is displayed, by showing its status as "Off" if any third-party antivirus protection is in use. This can look alarming, but if our ESET solution is active and running, there is no need to uninstall it. Switching to Windows Defender actually means that you lose multiple extra layers of ESET security compared to Microsoft's built-in basic antivirus. ESET also advises to switch off Limited Periodic Scanning; we explain how to do this in a dedicated ESET Support article

It is still not known exactly how this periodic scanning will affect installed AV solutions, but there can be interference, computer performance can be affected, and there will be a heightened risk of false positives.

See above for a detailed comparison of what you get with ESET - and what you don't get with Windows Defender.


Since when is the Windows 10 Anniversary Release available?

August 2, 2016.


How does it affect you?

With Windows Defender and its periodic scanning turned on you can encounter false alarms (also known as false positives) from the periodic scanning, as well as observe unwanted notifications that his system is not secure – despite it actually being fully secure when an ESET product is installed, updated and active.


Do I need to have Windows Defender turned on?

No. If your current ESET solution is up and running, your computer is secure and there is no need to uninstall ESET, or to use Windows Defender.


How can I disable Windows Defender?

To stop Windows Defender from prompting you to uninstall your existing security solution, you can disable notifications in Windows Defender settings.

For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, just visit ESET Support


Does ESET offer more features than Windows Defender?

ESET has been providing proven, lightweight security solutions with several layers of security for nearly 30 years. The latest versions of selected ESET products for Windows include, for instance:

  • Cloud Malware Protection System
  • Botnet Protection
  • Network Attack Protection
  • DNA Signatures
  • ESET LiveGrid
  • Exploit Blocker
  • Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Secure Browser

For more information, visit this page describing ESET’s leading-edge technology

By heeding the advice of Microsoft Windows Defender to uninstall the ESET product (which it does not actually mention by name), you will lose some or all of the benefits above, despite having paid for a valid license.



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