ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server





Version 7.0.10024.0

  • Changed: "Automatically reject messages if SPF check fails" option rejects an email only if the email hard-fails
  • Fixed: Anti-Phishing crashes on emails with more than three nested Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIMEs)
  • Fixed: IP address detection only displays the end-user’s address
  • Fixed: Quarantined mail reports are saved incorrectly


  • Improved: Virtual users list process performance
  • Fixed: Missing or incorrect reasons shown in greylist logs
  • Fixed: Anti-phishing protection, locked via ESMC, can be paused or disabled in the EMSX “Advanced setup” screen
  • Fixed: ESMC runs multiple thread generations simultaneously

Version 7.0.10020.0

  • Fixed: CPU usage continually increases
  • Fixed: Double scan occurs on hybrid environment with ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) version 6.5
  • Fixed: "NDR check result" rule does not work and does not log events
  • Fixed: Rules Counters for On-demand Database scan contains old data after reset
  • Fixed: Recommended settings link in spam warning does not open dedicated help page
  • Fixed: Hint for Microsoft Office365 account username in wrong format